12 May 2019

First Time Rasa Masakan Jepun Selain Sushi. Pendapat KA...

So, this is myfirstime tasting Japanese food other than sushi. 

We started with unagi salad as an appetizer before we served with varieties of fish and wagyu sashimi. 

My ‘tekak budu’ slightly can’t accept some of the raw fish flesh. 🤒

Fortunately, they have some avocado and calamari tempura before our main course. Fewww~ 😅

Salmon teriyaki with rice and miso soup are full of flavour. Contra from what I thought Japanese food would taste. 

We ended our meal with a cup of creamy oocha ice cream. 

Nota KAki: still cannot like the taste of wasabi 😷*** Ozeki Bistro, KL

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