12 May 2019

It Is Always About The Journey, Not The Destination

From FB: Saligram Aryal


As you see in the picture, a Chinese lady is fighting with her life from altitude sickness. This woman with her group and my team we stayed together overnight at trekking teahouse and she got sick from Namche Bazzar she try to move on and reach Debuche that's still ok.

But, she was getting worst condition at debuche 3800m then Namche bazzar and I also suggest their group to send her back down but they didn't listen to me . And next day went further up to Dingboche pulling by the guide n porters and we were in same teahouse again.

Oh yea she is more sick once she reach 4400m she can't stand her self oxygen level very low, she was on critical situation, we gave her oxygen whole night and it cost USD 100 per hour and next morning send back to Kathmandu by helicopter. 

I want to request you all trekkers do not wait untill last stage , you may die , listen to your body and decide your self . If you are sick and you can't enjoy trip why you push to go further up. It is just stupidness and playing with your life. Mountains are always there if you loss your life then what? 

Enjoy the journey and feel the adventure, if your health not supporting you then trun back and enjoy the trip how much you can. 

Its all about journey not the destination.


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